Brewmaster Justin Stine

Justin began his relationship with craft beer in the mid 90’s working at Hop’s Restaurant and Brewery in Tampa. Around 2005 the brewing bug hit him and he began brewing at home, winning several awards for his home brews. After a short stint of volunteering at Cigar City, they hired him on as a full time brewer in 2010. His skills were recognized by placing 2nd in Best FL Beer Pro with Stine’s Hoppy Wheat. He then helped start up the QA/QC program at CCB, quickly moving into that role full-time.

Feeling it was time to get out of the lab and back to creative side of brewing, as well as escaping the life of the mainland, Justin left Cigar City to take the role as head brewer here at the Waterfront Brewery. In his first competition as head brewer, he has already won 1st place in 2015 Best Florida Beer Championship brewed with fruit with Key Lime WITness and in the 2015 Best Florida Beer Championship Specialty Ale Category with Crazy Lady Honey Blonde Ale, losing only to Hunahpu by Cigar City.